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Frank & Brenda Garay

Hello!  We are Frank and Brenda Garay.  We're local Realtors - DRE#00960174 & DRE#01490618.

We've lived in Vacaville for decades and we LOVE our little town!  Being small business owners in Vacaville, we know what it's like to compete with the mega corporations out there.  We wanted to find a way to promote our local small businesses so we created Vacaville Discounts!

We're keepin' it local!  That's our slogan and it's what we believe in.  Our small local businesses are the backbone of our city and as Vacaville consumers we should really try to conduct our business with our local business owners if we can.  At least that's how we feel about it.

So if you're a consumer having a look around - THANK YOU - we hope you find a local business that fits your needs.  And if you're a small business owner here in Vacaville and you want to get your business featured here on Vacaville Discounts - Contact us on the home page.

Thank you - Enjoy - Keep it local!

Frank & Brenda

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